How to add the App to your Device

Add to iPhone
  1. Ensure your iPhone is running iOS Version 11.3 or later What version am I runnning?
  2. While viewing the app in Safari, tap the blue box-arrow icon at the bottom of the screen blue box icon center-text
  3. Tap "Add to Home Screen"
step by step visual guide
Add to iPad

Follow instructions for adding to iPhone

Add to Android Phone

  1. On your Android phone, open Chrome
  2. Tap Add to home screen
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to install

step by step visual guide
Add to Windows Phone

  1. While viewing the app, tap the 3 horizontal dots in the lower right
  2. Then tap "Pin to Start"

Add to Tablet Device

If your tablet is an Android device, follow instructions for adding to an Android Phone.

If your tablet is a Windows device, follow instructions for adding to a Windows Phone.


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App Version





Which version iOS am I running?

To check which version you currently have on your iPhone, click Settings > General > About


  1. Put your phone on charge and connect to wifi
  2. Go to Settings > General then tap Software Update
  3. Tap Download and Install


1.1.1 - 2 May 2020

  • French & Spanish support for "How to Add App" visual guides added
  • How to add app to iPads and Tablet Devices added

1.1.0 - 9 April 2020

  • Sound Resonance file updated
  • Changelog added
  • Minor text amendments

1.0.3 - 23 March 2020

  • Minor text amendments

1.0.2 - 19 March 2020

  • Addition of step by step visual guide for adding app to phones
  • Minor text amendments

1.0.1 - 18 March 2020

  • Minor text amendments

1.0.0 - 17 March 2020

  • App Launched